About Us

MorganThomas is an innovative and agile business and technology advisory firm founded on strong values and social purpose. We specialize in providing effective and executable solutions to complex business and technology problems.  Unlike many other firms, our practitioners have a deep understanding of both business and technology enabling us to be truly effective in supporting transformation and delivering innovation. Due to decades of experience, we are repeatedly able to find unique solutions for the myriad complex problems faced by our clients.

At MorganThomas, integrity, customer experience, and professionalism are of paramount importance. We intimately understand the People, Process, and Technology paradigm and recognize that relationships and people are critical to success. Our practitioners are adept at developing and maintaining deep relationships with stakeholders that greatly facilitates a positive outcome. Our focus on the importance of nurturing deep, personal, and meaningful relationships, as opposed to shallow and superficial, is becoming more important than ever in our hyper-connected world.  MorganThomas helps clients achieve adoption of digital and technical innovation by leveraging a network of deep relationships across a diverse group of industries and sectors - cultivated over decades of successful program delivery.

MorganThomas specializes in providing high-integrity, emotionally-aware, professional services balanced with highly-experienced practitioners who are known and respected for delivering tangible results and outcomes.